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 Your mapping projects.

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PostSubject: Your mapping projects.   2011-07-18, 4:35 pm

Hey everyone, hope you know what you can show your maps and your map editor all projects here in this topic, how we told before you... Soo, if you have something to show us, please show, cuz' we are interested in that what you mapping in your map, and after we will look your map we will rate it. Post it in this topic just reply it, with video from youtube or somewere ellse, or just post pictures of map, alright. Around poeple want know what do you like to map, we don't care how and why you map like that how you map now, do it however you want, others poeple will say too, what they think about map, but no woories we don't need insults soo we will check those who wil say something like f*** this map etc.. soo no woories, alright, if you have map for us to show, then show, with video or pictures. Were to post all this stuff, what i said you now. portalgaming's forums --> Mapping --> Your mapping projects --> scroll down, hitting/or pressing on 'New Post', to post all stuf what you want, about your map. Alright good luck everyone, have fun.

Note: Please, don't insult others, how they make there mapping projects. More poeple is new in it, soo i can just say, good luck with it everyone... + Please, don't make new topics in this selection, in Mapping, this is topic were you can show us your maps, and your map editor projects, Okay, thanks you, for listening us. Good luck.
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Your mapping projects.
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